Makoto Ginger Salmon Bibimbap

Radishes have been thriving at the farm in this cool weather of late and it set a craving in me for a light fresh dish to breakup all the cozy foods I’ve been cooking lately. In my work share I very gratefully received a few of those beautiful radishes and was pumped to build a dish around them. I had a bottle of Makoto Ginger Dressing in the fridge and a request for salmon to help inspire me as well. So I decided on a wonderful little dish with a wonderfully big name. Bibimbap is a Korean mixed rice dish usually topped with a choice of protein, fresh or stir fried veggies, seaweed salad, chili paste, Gochujang, and a fried egg. It’s basically a deconstructed fried rice dish, that once assembled in your bowl gets mixed all together just before eating. The rice isn’t fried at all but you can order a hot version of Bibimbap that is served in a Dolsot (hot stone bowl) and the rice gets toasted and crispy along the bottom and edges of the bowl. Since I don’t have a Dolsot, I’ve made several variations of the “cold” Bibimbap at home over the past couple of years, which really is served more room temperature than cold. Since we were having Salmon already I decided to skip the fried egg garnish, but feel free to add that if you like.

Makoto Ginger Salmon Bibimbap


2 Salmon filets

1 cup Makoto Ginger dressing

1 cup cooked Jasmine or Brown rice

Several Red and Daikon Radishes, sliced

4 baby Cukes or cucumber of choice, sliced

2 organic fresh tomatoes, quartered

2 carrots, washed and sliced into half moons

Black Bean Chili paste or Chili paste of choice, optional

Salt and pepper to taste


In non-reactive container or gallon zip lock bag, add the salmon filets and ginger dressing. Marinate the salmon in the fridge at least one hour. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a glass casserole dish with a little Toasted Sesame oil or oil of your choice. Add the salmon and marinade to the dish. Salt and pepper then roast the salmon in the oven until the it reaches an internal temperature of 145 degrees. Remove from the oven and allow to rest at least 10 minutes. In salad bowls, layer the Bibimbap with the cooked rice first, then the salmon, and top with the veggies. Add extra Makoto dressing and chili paste, if desired. Mix well and enjoy!




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