Even though my kitchen feels like a carefree play room of creative fun and relaxation, sometimes I just don’t feel like washing anymore damn dishes. The blend of sweet orange essential oil and white vinegar in the handmade dish soap so loving made for me is admittedly a comforting scent, but shaking it up a bit with a night off from the kitchen sink can’t hurt. So on nights like this my minimal clean-up go-to is sandwiches. BLT is a particular favorite of mine and I don’t indulge in it often. When I do have bacon on hand and get a craving for this classic, nothing is skimped on. This recipe is super simple, quick, and only requires one skillet.

BLT on Poppy Seed Buns


3 slices of bacon, per serving

Poppy Seed Burger Buns

1/2 to 1 fresh tomato, sliced

1 head of Butter Lettuce, cored, washed, and dried

about 1 tablespoon Mayo

2 to 3 sheets of paper towels

Salt and Black pepper to taste


Over med high flame, heat a cast iron skillet. Once heated, add the bacon slices and cook until crisp and fat is rendered. Remove bacon and rest on paper towels. Turn of skillet and carefully remove the rendered bacon fat. Either store it in a heat safe container for future use or discard. Wipe the skillet clean. Slice your tomato, season as desired, and set aside. Over med flame, heat the skillet again. Take a small amount of mayo, to your preference, and coat the inside of each poppy seed bun. Gently toast the buns seed side up until crisp and golden. Remove from skillet and begin to assemble the BLT. Layer additional mayo if desired on bottom bun then layer next lettuce, tomato, and bacon. Top with final bun and serve immediately.

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