Hot & Sour Udon Soup



The spring days are getting longer and warmer, but it’s still quite crisp around the edges of the evening air. Loving soup the way I do, I will cling to a hot bowl of soup until the very last chill finally surrenders to the buzz and charm of hot summer nights. Then, I will switch to gazpacho. But since there is time yet to feel cozy and comforted by a steaming bowl of broth, I whipped up a quick hot and sour soup for dinner after a day of early morning April showers. The leftovers made for an excellent lunch the following day too.

Hot & Sour Udon Soup


1 pkg Udon Noodles, cooked per pkg instructions

about 3 cups of Beef or Vegetable stock

1 Star Anise

1 Cinnamon stick

1 tsp of White Miso paste, or taste

1 tsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce

1/2 tsp Rice Wine Vinegar, or to taste

Generous amount of Red Pepper flakes, or to taste

1/4 tsp Toasted Sesame Oil, optional

1/2 Red Onion, very thinly sliced

1 Carrot, washed, trimmed, and sliced into rounds or half rounds

about 1/4 cup Button Mushrooms, washed

1/2 cup loosely packed fresh Spinach

1/4 cup frozen Sweet Corn

Salt and Pepper to taste


In a med stock pot over a high flame, bring the stock to a boil with the star anise and cinnamon stick. Once boiling reduce to a simmer and stir in the miso paste, sliced carrots, onion, red pepper flakes, vinegar, sesame oil, and soy sauce. Allow broth to simmer at least 10 to 20 minutes to punctuate the flavors of the star anise and cinnamon. Check the carrots and once tender, add the Udon noodles and cook per package directions. Once the noodles are al dente, add the remaining ingredients. Adjust seasoning as necessary. Garnish with Garlic Chili Hot Sauce if desired. Serve immediately.

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