Pork Soft Tacos

At my house, we eat tacos on Tuesdays, but the same is also true for any other day that ends in y. I’ve wrapped everything from tofu to fried green tomatoes up in tortillas, and my fridge is always stocked with them. What I miss most though is fresh, handmade corn tortillas! As soon as we are all safe and vaccinated, you can bet your bottom fresh corn tortillas is where I’m headed first! But until then, I’ll just keep enjoying quick weeknight tacos, like these Pernil tacos featured below, at home instead.


1 cup shredded or sliced Pernil or slow roast pork

2 corn or flour tortillas

1 – 2 tbsp hot sauce or salsa

1/2 cup shredded green cabbage


Over a med flame, char the tortillas about 8 – 10 seconds per side until the tortilla starts to bubble up and there are several light char marks. Flip with tongs to prevent burns and do not leave unattended, as the tortillas will catch fire quickly. Store the charred tortillas in a tortilla warmer or wrapped in a clean kitchen towel until ready to serve.

Assemble the soft tacos with the remaining ingredients inside the charred tortillas per your preference and enjoy immediately with salsa or hot sauce of choice.

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  1. chefkreso says:

    Wow these Tacos look amazing!

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