Scrambled Hash Tacos


When 5:56am feels like sleeping in, then you know you’ve been working hard for the money. Not long after our newest alarm kitty sounded off this morning (thanks Mister!), my stomach started grumbling for breakfast. Since I had a red potato trying to take root in my pepper basket, fresh made restaurant style salsa in the fridge, and plenty of tortillas I decided quickly that a couple tacos were in order.

This potato hash is quick and easy with zero fancy ingredients required and so makes the perfect no fuss morning or busy weeknight meal. If you’re feeling extra, then toss a handful of arugula on your plate like I did.


2 corn tortillas, charred over flame or heated per your preference

1 med red potato, diced

2 eggs

Salt and pepper to taste

Tab of butter (or two!)

Optional Seasonings: Trader Joe’s Ajika , crushed fennel seed, cumin seed, fresh chopped cilantro


In a nonstick pan over med high flame melt the butter then add in the diced potato. Season the potatoes and continue sautéing, stirring occasionally, about 10 – 15 minutes. Once the potatoes are fork tender, golden, and slightly crisp push the potatoes to the edge of the pan.

Crack both eggs into a prep bowl then add to the center of the pan, stirring with a bamboo/wooden spoon as you do scrambling the eggs directly in the pan, about a minute or so. Once the egg yolks are just cooked through, turn off the heat and continue gently stirring until the egg whites are just solid, about 30 seconds more. I like my eggs soft and silky but cook longer for well done, if desired.

To finish, stir the potatoes into the scrambled egg. Taste and adjust seasonings as desired. Garnish with fresh cilantro, if using, and serve immediately with warmed corn tortillas.

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