Santa Fe Mexican Grill

Santa Fe Mexican Grill, Newark, DE: again being from Texas I am a major Tex Mex snob. If I want authentic Mexican cuisine that’s one thing but usually I don’t. I want Tex Mex with crunchy taco shells, spicy salsa, creamy queso, and cheese enchiladas covered in chili sauce. Santa Fe completely satisfies this ex Texas lady’s cravings! The salsa has a really nice heat level, the queso is from scratch, and even the rice is Tex Mex brilliance. I’ve had their pork carnitas, a crunchy beef taco, their chicken tamale in tomatillo sauce (Texas size portion!) and all were absolutely delicious. Their refried beans are perfect and take me right back to Sunday lunches at Lupe’s Mexican Restaurant in Henderson, TX when I was a little girl. Most importantly the food is fresh, not greasy, and healthy. So you won’t feel guilty about having that extra Margarita.