Word Slinger

The following subpages are collections of my personal creative writing projects. Creative writing is something I’ve enjoyed doing since childhood. Back in high school,  I was that girl that took advance English specifically for the extra writing assignments. When adulthood hit me square in the nose however, I put my pen and paper away. I was too busy trying to survive the trauma of my family and too self destructive to care about writing. Then the longer I neglected it, the easier it was to do so. Soon years past where I did little more than journal a few pages now and again.

However, over the past three years my passion for writing has been creeping back into my life. My main outlet is my food blog, but I really want to focus on just-for-fun fiction writing. So I’m hoping that by posting these scribblings on the interwebs the motivation I need will rekindle itself. When I post my creations online and immediately expose myself to the masses at large, I suddenly care a hell of a lot more about the quality of material I’m publishing. Plus having an audience, no matter how small, is thrilling.

Guess I’m just another one of those cliched “aspiring novelists” who needs to stop aspiring and get busy writing. As Master Yoda says, “Do or do not, there is not try.”